Don't panic when the crisis is happening
Or you won't enjoy it - unknown


Honeycomb to be specific

For a while I've been looking at solutions around running a service environment which gets bigger and bigger. My blog post investigating Consul a few years back is somewhat a precursor for this one.

Software Defined Networking

a roundtrip through the network

I'm not a Network Op by heart, so I am a bit behind regarding all developments which happen in that area. Lately I had been watching over the shoulder of someone re-designing the firewall at my current workplace. I'm sad to say, my knowledge is severely lacking. To get somewhat up to date (my network foo stops at L3 routing and only barely touches VLANs), I think it's a good idea to investigate the the term SDN a little.

Opera Next (15)

first look

I will prefix this post by saying that Opera has been my main Browser since version 6 (with a small time out after 7 came out initially). My behavior is strangely adapted to old-style Opera and I always spend a good deal of time every time Opera is updated - I have no qualms on the new version being different. Also, I'm kind of a polyglot browser user - any browser is volatile and either kills itself or gets killed by me for using too much resources - so I don't just depend on a single browser and I'm reasonably happy with Chrome and Firefox.

Broken CDs

a rant.

This is a rant on the state of CD/DVD burning under Gnome in Debian.

In Too Deep

or, knowing when to stop?

There are always these problems as a systems operator, where, no matter how deep you dig, everything seems fine, but it still won't work correctly. This is a cautionary tale.

Updating to a new Go version


Today I decided to have a look where the Go programming language stands now. I made a few personal projects with it and was quite pleased. Due to work being stressful and me doing other stuff, I set it aside for a while.

YouTube APIs

or, how to get less annoyed

I like YouTube, I really do. Now and then I like to relax and just watch some videos. What I really don't like about YouTube though is all the clutter. I get bombarded with images, recommendations, automatically running videos, iframes, ads.. total information overload. On the other hand, important information (like video titles) gets cut pretty fast.

GUI Programming

in C#

This is a continuation of the earlier Engineers article. As hinted at, the focus for the new round of programming (or rather, coding) was to be on a graphical user interface. Talking to a competent Windows programmer (of which there is only a single one in my vicinity) lead to C# as an option.



Bitterness equals 1 over the number of levels you are above the hardware. This, of course, makes hardware people infinitely bitter, which exactly matches observation. -- DadHacker

Extending the Core

in Ruby and Go

Both Ruby and Go have a neat feature. They enable you to extend existing types with arbitrary functions. However, there are important differences. While in Ruby you really influence the original class instances, in Go you have to make aliases of types.


or: driving nails into your eyes.

Coming from a Web background, the SIP world is strange. There are seemingly dozens of different types of SIP infrastructure components, all of them encredibly complex.

#1 Beginning a blog

... hard.

This now is my first attempt on a public blog-like entity. I will try to fill it with stuff I have been working on the past few years as well as anything new that lends itself to public posting.

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